Saturday, 12 May 2012

Peden Lake

Peden Lake is located above the Sooke potholes and googling will reveal several pages that indicate how to get there.  We parked at the upper most parking lot for Sooke Potholes and directly across from the lot is trail with several small boulders in front.  It's a relatively easy hike and took us 45 minutes to get to the lake.  I think we gained about 1000 feet in elevation along our trek.  

There is a research cabin at the lake and when we arrived a couple were encamped.  There was also another couple in the canoe that is located at the lake.  The first sunny and warm weekend with temperatures at 18C had me figuring we probably wouldn't be alone up there.

The lake is slowly filling in with sediments and detris.  From our perch on a rocky outcrop we could clearly see that silty shallows were encroaching on the deeper parts of the lake.  We couldnt' see any fish from our rock but we could see them leaping about out in the deeper parts of the lake.

This old tree had a lot of holes burrowed into it.  I'm assuming it's woodpeckers who've been doing the renovations.

Across the lake, above this rocky bit on the mountain there were several vultures circling in thermals.  One or two landed on the rocks while we watched.  There was also a Bald Eagle in the group.

A small clump of ferns on the rock where we ate our lunch.

The Gibbled leg.  For some reason the tissue around the incision from my ankle refit never healt to former capacity. It's constantly dry and papery.  You can also see the screw bulges just above my ankle bone.  Bone apetit!

Oranges are great at the worst of times.  Eaten on top of a rock at a pristine lake they are truly wonderful!  Add chocolate granola bars and cold water to the mix and there's a feast to be had.

The people inhabiting the cabin had strung a line for their dainties.

Several trees had fallen across the path in many locations.  We noticed this log had been cut right at the pint where branches where emerging from the trunk.  I've always thought trees are more or less round.  This shot clearly indicates that radial symetry is at play in this species and that the trunk isn't round at all.

One of three waterfalls we passed on the way up.

The path windes down to the left past this huge boulder.  It was taller than me and I'm 6'2"

This Arbutus tree leave had fallen to the ground and something in its makeup maintained a metallic irridescense.

Amongst the many millipedes and ants along the route I spotted this beetle.  I have no idea what species it is but it was trying to take off and not doing a good job of it.

Very close to the Galloping Goose Trail you cross the old pipeline from Sooke Lake to Humpback resevoir.  You walk alonge it for about 50 yards before heading back up the mountain.

The hike was fairly easy and the reward of having a lake at the end of it was wonderful.  Even with the steep incline in places there were ample spots to stop and rest, catch your breath and then continue on.

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