Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Bare Esentials

Working in a grocery store, I notice the leavings of the customers.  Some arent' so pleasant.  From lost articles of clothing to post chewed chewing gum, I've pretty much seen it all.  Believe me.  It DOES get worse than a fifty dollar roast stuffed in behind slow moving dry goods.  Worse I tell you!!

However, being the eternal optimist I've chosen to focus on a particular set of leavings.  Ones I can take with me at the end of the day and not feel I need a delousing.  Ones that I won't be apprehended by store security for having on my person without a receipt.

A great many people carry small lists of essential items.  I suppose they carry them for the same reason I do... the fact that if I don't write things down these days they leak out my ear, slide down my neck and get lost on the floor in all the dust and less savory things lurking under shelves and fixtures.

I've decided to collect these little bits of memory and periodically photograph them to include here in this post.

Marble Goat Cheese?  I've never heard of the like.  Where can I find it?

Who the hell can afford to buy such basic stuff at such an expensive store?

This is one of mine.  Notice how everything is entirely reasonable and mostly healthy.  Notice how Dessert is listed last in the attempt that I'll realize I don't need it and skip buying it.  God I hope I didn't end up coming home with a pie that day!

Who the hell buys ice and why is it so important as to warrant capitals?

Clean ears, a happy dog and no headaches!

Some people even use the back of their list even if they are blithering idiots and don't realize it's not 'au jus' it's just 'jus'.  The 'au' bit means 'with'. And who the heck puts Jus on their roast when the sensible people use horse radish?

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