Wednesday, 4 April 2012

April 4th and we have sun!

Spring seems to be trying to take hold here in Victoria.  I went riding last week and had to take off my log pants due to it being warmer than I'd thought when I started out.  Thankfully I wear my riding shorts underneath or I would have turned a few heads even if only from horror!

Today looks like another fine day in the offing as there is sun and it's still very early.  Hopefully later I can hop on the bike and get a ride in, on this, my extra day off during Easter week.

The sun's really bright and it's only 7.30 am.  Last night we had some frost!

For some reason this particular racoon has chosen the large pear tree next door as an overnight spot.  Quite often we see it clamoring around up there.  This annoys all the birds in the neighborhood who squawk and flap about so I suppose they've been pestered by egg thieves in the past.  You can tell by the nonchalant visage that my being about 100 feet away presents no problems or concerns.

All the cats are absolutely insistant that they need feeding as soon as one of the humans is awake.  It doesn't matter if it's 3am, if a human gets out of bed it must be breakfast time.  Having 4 cats milling about under one's feet when one isn't fully awake is annoying and dangerous so out they all go until coffee and toast have been had.  Here Kira sits where she can see in the back window and protest her untimely evicition from warm house to frosty out of doors.

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